News and developments

- On the 13th of June 2019 Jaan Tulviste successfully defended his PhD “Modulation of decision-making by transcranial magnetic stimulation”.

- Recently we joined European Cooperation in Science & Technology COST Action 18106 “The Neural Architecture of Consciousness” (2019-2022), with our PI Talis Bachmann as a Management Committee member.

- Jaan Aru begun working in the Matthew Larkum’s lab in Berlin, with continued affiliation with our lab.

- Carolina Murd returned from University of Zürich Neuroscience Center (Christian Ruff’s research group) and rejoined our lab in 2018.

- Talis participated in the activities on the occasion of evaluation of the progress of European Horizon 2020 Human Brain Project in May 2018 in Stockholm.

- Renate Rutiku and Talis Bachmann edited a Special Issue of Consciousness and Cognition (vol. 54, ‘Time course of event-related potentials associated with conscious experience’).