Affiliations and financing

Our lab is affiliated with several academic institutions and networks. First of all, the majority of researchers and students work and study in the University of Tartu, the oldest and most prestigeous university in Estonia founded in 1632. We belong to the following parts of the university: School of Law (Department of Penal Law) and Institute of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences. Most of our doctoral students are members of Estonian Doctoral School of Behavioural, Social and Health Sciences.

The rooms of the lab and majority of its equipment are located in Tallinn where University of Tartu has its representative units, particularly under the auspicies of Rectorate and Faculty of Law. It is therefore understandable why some cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology and Tallinn University has been possible and continues. Smaller part of research is carried out in Tartu, Institute of Psychology.

Our financial support currently comes mainly from two sources. First, the basic and teaching resources of the University under the budgets of School of Law and Institute of Psychology. Second, from the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, Project no. IUT20-40. (Researchers active in Estonian science and financing of projects can be seen through the portal of ETIS.) But the former support from following sources can be also acknowledged: Estonian Ministry of Education and Research (Scientific Competency Council Project no.SF0182717s06), Estonian Science Foundation grants (recently ## 7118 and 8401), MOBILITAS post-doc program, support from Enterprise Estonia (especially mediating the purchase of the 5mln EEK equipment for TMS/EEG and MRI based neuronavigation), not to mention our share from different travel and working visit grants, such as related to participation in the EU COST Action (BM0605), NATO Collaborative Linkage Grant, and some other.

The members of our lab belong to various scientific organisations. Virtually all of us are members of the Estonian Union of Psychologists, a national member of the IUPsyS. The importance for our research and collegial interaction of some other organisations and networks should be also pointed out: Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness (ASSC), Association for Psychological Science (APS), ECVP, Vision Sciences Society, etc.