15 Jan 2010

Inga Karton

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Inga studies detection of deception and TMS effects on deceptive behavior.

Inga Karton_CV

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  1. Lies! All Lies! « The Connectome says:

    [...] the journal Behavioural Brain Research reports, a team led by Inga Karton and Talis Bachmann1 at Estonia’s BachmannLab stimulated 16 volunteers with TMS, which sends [...]

  2. Could Damage to Certain Parts of the Brain Make a Person Lose the Ability to Lie? - Science and Religion Today says:

    [...] recent study that Inga Karton and I published in Elsevier’s Behavioural Brain Research showed that applying 1-Hz repetitive [...]

  3. Estimulación magnética podría obligar al cerebro decir la verdad - FayerWayer says:

    [...] científicos -Inga Karton y Talis Bachmann- reconocen que la muestra del estudio es muy pequeña, pero afirman que “el [...]

  4. NeuroLaw Blog » Magnets, the Ultimate Truth Serum says:

    [...] propensity to lie spontaneously during situations in which deception has no consequences”, Inga Karton and Talis Bachmann of the University of Tartu published their findings in July 2011 in which they [...]