15 Jan 2010

Merle Nurmoja

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Merle’s research is focused on forensic aspects of person perception, particularly on face based trait perception. She has shown that real suggestibility of a person does not correlate with her/his perceived suggestibility, but there is a reliable overgeneralization effect where merry-faced and babyfaced individuals appear as more suggestible to the independent perceivers. Perceived criminality, trustworthyness and other trait types are being studied by Merle as well. NEO-PI as the psychometric instrument is used for trait measurement. Merle has a noteworthy experience as an instructor in the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences (2001-2007). Currently she is working as an adviser in Top Civil Service Excellence Centre. It’s a unit by the Government Office that is responsible for the recruitment, selection, development and assessment of Estonian top civil servants.

Merle Nurmoja_CV

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