23 Dec 2009

Carolina Murd

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Carolina defended her PhD thesis “Mechanisms of processing visual motion information: Psychophysical, bioelectrical and transcranial magnetic stimulation investigations” in 2014, supervised by prof. Talis Bachmann and senior researcher Kairi Kreegipuu. Carolina has also been working as an assistant and researcher in our lab from 2007. Her research has evolved around visual motion perception, visual search, visual masking, TMS-induced scotomas, caffeine-induced changes in TMS-evoked ERPs, visual ERPs, etc. She has also supervised students doing research in the lab, both in terms of data analysis and tweaking computer programs for running the experiments.
Currently, she is a post-doc guest at University of Zurich, where she is conducting her two-year project on perceptual decision-making.
The full list of her publications can be found from the following link:

Carolina Murd_CV

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