04 Feb 2016

Kadi Tulver

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Kadi’s main field of research is focused on the structure of individual differences in visual perception. More specifically, she’s studying the general and specific cognitive mechanisms related to top-down effects on visual perception. Her experiments have combined multiple behavioural paradigms that measure the objective performance and subjective perception of individuals. Through her research she seeks to better understand the cognitive mechanisms involved in perceptual experience. In addition to studying perception in the general population, she is interested in suboptimal perceptual processing and its links with clinical disorders, such as autism and schizophrenia.

During her doctoral studies, Kadi has been able to apply EEG and TMS methodologies, design and program behavioural experiments, as well as use data from self-report questionnaires and genetic polymorphisms in her work. In the future she hopes to continue her research towards a theoretical model of top-down effects on perception.

Kadi Tulver_CV

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