05 Sep 2011

Jaan Tulviste

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Jaan’s work at the lab focuses on how the decision-­making system is organized in the healthy brain, with a special interest for mechanisms of plasticity which selectively affect specific types of decision-­making processes.

Modulating the neural network with TMS allows one to explore cortical mechanisms involved in decision­-making and to detect cortical networks responsible for performing specific decision-­making tasks. These findings contribute to explaining ‘plasticity’­related changes in decision­making performance triggered by learning, ageing and disease.

Jaan’s current experiments examine brain networks involved in non­veridical (subjectively correct, personal choice­based ) decision­-making, as opposed to veridical decision­ making (right or wrong answer questions), aiming to validate cognitive tasks that are specifically representative of the non­veridical decision­-making system.

The broader goal is to deliver validated tools that make a neurocognitive distinction between different types of decision-­making, and to apply these to the development of assessment methods and therapies related to executive functions.

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